Jennifer Jaeger


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Flowers by Red Chair

Paintings of Italy

Artist with Model (after Matisse)

San Francisco Still Life

Dinner for Three

Autumn through Open Window

Woman in Blue

Amber Waves

Morning Coffee

Unfinished Alisha

Harmony in Yellow (after Matisse)

Nude on Red and Black

Petaluma Blue

Petaluma Below

Petaluma Red

Open Field

Still Life on Red Mother with Daughter

Woman with White Hat

Lanhwa in a Blue Chair

Red Tassels on Drapes

Still Life with Figurine

The Black Table (After Matisse)

Blue Mountains

Fields at Sunset

Warm Hearth

Woman with Cat

Lorette Reclining (After Matisse)

Mummy Portrait in Purple

(after an 2nd century mummy portrait.)

Visiting the Uffizi Gallery


Jennifer Jaeger, 2003.